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New IoT DevKit for LoRa® by IMST

The new IoT DevKit for LoRa is the easiest and fastest way to build a LoRa® network.
Together with the Loriot Server and the IoT platform Cayenne, you can visualize
the data from your sensor application on a laptop or smartphone easily within a few steps.
Furthermore, the registration in Loriot and Cayenne is free!

The IoT DevKit for LoRa is now available in our webshop!
Discover more about our IoT DevKit on Youtube or our website.

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Send and receive LoRaWAN messages from the 3 included end devices.

Mote II:
A platform which contains sensors like accelerometer, altimeter, temperature and GPS.

WiMOD Shield for Arduino:
An interface for extending the basic functionality like sensors and actors by just stacking the extension boards to the base board.

Demo Board:
Send and receive personalized LoRaWAN messages thanks to the excellent LoRaWAN_EndNode_Studio

The Lite gateway (LGW) forwards endnode messages to the infrastructure and
enables LoRa® customers to demonstrate and evaluate LoRaWAN®
features. It can be easily connected to existing servers like, or The Things Network.

It's a demonstration and evaluation platform consisting of the pre-certified concentrator iC880A-SPI, a RaspBerry PI, a pre-configured SD-card within an aluminium housing.

Loriot enables you to operate large scale Internet of Things (IoT) networks based on the LoRaWAN technology.

Cayenne from myDevices is a drag and drop IoT project builder. It provides Apps for Smartphones and Computers that allow you to control your IoT application.


  • Lite Gateway (LGW)
  • Demo Board + iM880B-L
  • Mote II (iM881A)
  • WiMOD Shield for Arduino with
  • iM880B-L
  • 868 MHz Antennas
  • Power Plug Adapter
  • USB Cables Programming Adapter
  • Training and Support
  • On-site support
  • Individual consultation



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