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Flying LoRa becomes a lifesaver

Every year thousands of people get in case of emergency on sea. In project #LARUS a drone for supporting the rescue of shipwrecked persons is developed. IMST GmbH participates by providing its radio know-how especially in LoRa®-technology. LoRa® stands for Long Range and is a patented radio-technology by Semtech.

During rescue operations telemetry data (e.g. the current position) has to be send from drone to ground-station and tele-commands vice versa. For this communication a robust transmission is an essential requirement. To achieve this, two #LoRaWAN certified #iM881A Radio modules on both sides are used to build a redundant link on two different frequencies. The iM881A is one of the LoRa®-products of the huge portfolio of Wireless Solutions by #IMST.